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Teeth Replacement & All on 4
Teeth Replacement & All on 4

What is it?

Dental Implants are a safe, predictable, and permanent solution for missing teeth or teeth requiring extraction. Titanium posts are surgically embedded in the jawbone to replace a rotten tooth. A dental crown, bridge, or full arch denture is then attached to the implant.

How much does it cost?

The cost of dental implants varies depending on the number of implants required.

This consultation takes the following into consideration:

  • Chief complaint relating to dental implants;
  • Medical history and risk assessment;
  • Dental history;
  • Intraoral examination and records;
  • Diagnostic cast, photography, and facial analysis; and
  • OPG (2D) and CBCT (3D) imaging.

Following your initial appointment, a second appointment will be made to discuss in detail your available options and fees.

Dental Implants can be placed to support:

*These prices include surgery and the implant crown. It can take approximately three to six months for the implants to safely integrate before the final crown or prosthesis is placed. When comparing costs and who to perform your surgery, it is important to consider the following points:

  • Implant Components & Construction of Crowns – The use of high quality, genuine implant components from well-established reputable companies with significant research. This is crucial for any future repairs and longevity of your implant. Your implant components are sourced from within Australia in accordance with the Therapeutics Drug Administration (TGA).
  • Treatment Complexity – Some cases require extraction and subsequent implant placement, others may have an infection present which may need treatment and healing before the implant placement. Where teeth have been missing for a period of time or at the time of extraction were not removed carefully preserving the bone, then a bone and and soft tissue grafting maybe required to support the implant. Not every case is the same and will need careful planning and selection.
  • Surgeon Experience – In Australia there is no law prohibiting general or specialist dentist with limited experience in implants from carrying out complex implant cases. Diagnosis, treatment planning and surgery is highly technical and if executed poorly can result in serious long term consequence that can cost you in the long run. Using 3D xrays and models to plan your final design is crucial in dictating your implant position and angulation. The positioning of your implant is not just crucial from  a functional or aesthetic point of view but for long term maintenance as well. Just as you would not ask your GP to perform heart surgery you should choose a dentist that has taken undertaken extensive training not a weekend course.
  • Warranty – While dental implants have a high degree of success if an implant does fail you would like to have peace of mind that your surgeon will replace your implant free of charge within an agreed period of time regardless if the implant company covers the warranty of not.

** Design and manufacturing of guides, provisional and final teeth, have been incorporated in the price. Teeth may be attached on the day of the surgery or within a 4 month period after surgery. Price also includes grafting. Price does NOT include General Anesthetic cost.

Other Potential Costs

  • If you have insufficient bone volume or thin tissue type, grafting may be required.
  • If you require a temporary tooth in the space during the healing process.
  • Surgical Guides

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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